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ETS ME ART STLE :icongardeningblobs:GARDENINGBLOBS 1 0
Nazi Pikachu by GARDENINGBLOBS Nazi Pikachu :icongardeningblobs:GARDENINGBLOBS 4 1 Russian Naval Infantry by GARDENINGBLOBS Russian Naval Infantry :icongardeningblobs:GARDENINGBLOBS 7 4 Melansch by GARDENINGBLOBS Melansch :icongardeningblobs:GARDENINGBLOBS 3 4


Dragon's Lair by Varguy Dragon's Lair :iconvarguy:Varguy 1,139 50 WW2 Stalingrad 1942 Soviet Soldier by Gozac1198 WW2 Stalingrad 1942 Soviet Soldier :icongozac1198:Gozac1198 31 2 WW2 Stalingrad 1942 German Soldier by Gozac1198 WW2 Stalingrad 1942 German Soldier :icongozac1198:Gozac1198 30 9 Human Rights Over Politics by AmericanDreaming Human Rights Over Politics :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 56 16 Genuine Criticism is not Bigotry by victauron Genuine Criticism is not Bigotry :iconvictauron:victauron 129 73 Ambush by Kaymanovite Ambush :iconkaymanovite:Kaymanovite 34 1 Loner by Kaymanovite Loner :iconkaymanovite:Kaymanovite 74 4 Pursuing by Kaymanovite Pursuing :iconkaymanovite:Kaymanovite 27 3 French Voltigeur 1815 by Gozac1198 French Voltigeur 1815 :icongozac1198:Gozac1198 28 5 The difference by RochambeauFR The difference :iconrochambeaufr:RochambeauFR 158 419 We are all born despots. by RochambeauFR We are all born despots. :iconrochambeaufr:RochambeauFR 22 9 Pinochet's Legacy. by RedAmerican1945 Pinochet's Legacy. :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 62 329 If the Nazi's were socialists... by RedAmerican1945 If the Nazi's were socialists... :iconredamerican1945:RedAmerican1945 68 218 6B23 by Braginski95 6B23 :iconbraginski95:Braginski95 10 6 Iraqi Army Uniforms c.2003 by Grand-Lobster-King Iraqi Army Uniforms c.2003 :icongrand-lobster-king:Grand-Lobster-King 18 62
The Weeaboo's Guide to War
The Weeaboo’s Guide to War
Wapanese. Weeaboos. Japanophiles. They go by many names all indicating the same type of person. Said person is obsessed with Japan, clinging to anime, Japanese culture, and sushi to provide them with entertainment. Many of these people, though they’d disagree, are woefully unprepared for life in a war zone. Hopefully this guide will serve these people well and turn them back towards the righteous path I like to call “Reality”.
First of all, how do you know if you’re a Weeaboo?
Do you:
- Watch anime exclusively, rejecting other cartoons made in North America or Europe?
- Insert random Japanese words into your English sentences? (Neko, Desu, Kawaii, etc.)
- Own a sword for purposes other than decoration or sport?  (IE fencing)
- Fawn over Pocky?
- Want to marry a Japanese person for no apparent reason other than that they‘re Japanese?
- Make that stupid peace sign in pictures?
If you answered ‘yes’ to two or mor
:iconpvtserrano:PvtSerrano 93 144


Funny how Brits and Frenchmen laughed when they heard it back then and now they're on their knees due to the refugees. Just shows you how things can stab you in the ass.

Not that the Brits and Frenchies can't get themselves out of their own shit, it's just this isn't the right path to it.

(Put in mature content to protect children's eyes from the horrid drawing)
Judaism is extremely similar to Islam when it comes to killing non-believers, oppressing women, and racism.………

Deuteronomy 7:6

Deuteronomy 14:2

Deuteronomy 26:18-9……

Lets not even begin on the Book of Joshua...
Metal Gear Solid/Caillou : The Secret of the scopius doll
by J. K. Rowling

A/N: Dont ask me. I didn't know where I was going with this either, I just write everything that comes into my head.

It was a typical day in Naked Snake.... before the trouble started....

This is a story about how Hitler,Raiden and Hitler all first met. It takes place in Naked Snake Highschool before all the events, incidents and happenings happened.Naked Snake Highschool was one of the most violent schools in town, averaging 100 murders each year.
In this story Caillou is a jock, Solid Snake is a dork and  Revolver Ocelot is the school pet.

We join our bros as they first check their school timetables.

"Who are you guys anyway?"
"Yo yo yo I am Solid Snake" said Solid Snake, pretending to be cool.
"Yo yo yo I am Caillou" said Caillou, who was actually really cool!
"Our next class is next" said Revolver Ocelot.
"I noticed. We should go together." said Solid Snake.
So they did.

When they got to class they went in and went to their chairs.
The chairs were hard and made from wood. Probably hard wood.
They sat down on their chairs (different ones).
At that moment Hitler came into the class room.
"omg! look its Hitler " said Revolver Ocelot.

"Welcome class" said the teacher.
"Your first class, ever, is design and technology. So open your books to page 86 and start learning."
Solid Snake started learning intensely. His mind was filled with Design And Technology.
Solid Snake was actually trying to learn stuff, but failing because they sucked hard.
Hitler looked like they were studying, but Solid Snake knew they was clearly just faking it. Probably cheating. Yes, her was cheating at learning.

"Stop cheating!" said Solid Snake
"Screw you!" said Hitlerwho then punched Solid Snake right in his Shoulder.Blood splattered everywhere but the teacher didn't noticed

Teacher turned around.

"Who said that?"
"Solid Snake and Hitler did!" said Solid Snake, who was keen to grass people up. Because Solid Snake sucks.
"This is my final warning you two!" said Teacher.
Solid Snake went back to his information technology book to continue learning.

Solid Snake was finding it hard to learn though. There was a giggle coming from behind them. A quite, but extremely cute giggle.
Solid Snake turned around, and for the first time truly saw Caillou. Truly, deeply, completely saw Caillou.
(A/N - Solid Snake was gay at this time. Lots of people are gay in highschool but grow out of it. At least, that's what my dad says)
Caillou giggled again. Their eyes lit up as they did so, reflecting Solid Snake in their manly orbs.
Caillou's saw Solid Snake looking at that moment and giggled again, turning away quickly.
To Solid Snake it seemed like Caillou turned in slow motion, Caillous hair bobbing gently as they did. It was miasma-ising.
Solid Snake suspected he wasn't a natural bluenette but it didn't matter.  All that mattered was how well their hair colors would go together.
Every bit of Caillou was captivatingly radiant. From their Anckle to their Arm and everything inbetween. It was all a perfect picture of picturess perfection.

"Holy fuck I am in love" said Solid Snake.

Solid Snake panicked and ran out the room.
"-sigh-" thought Solid Snake. He had embarrassed hisself exactly like they promised hisself they would not do on their very first day of school.

"I ruined my chances with Caillou. My one true love" thought Solid Snake.
"I dont know about that" said a giggle from behind Solid Snake.
It was Caillou!
"I found it kinda cute"
" like me?"
"Yes, lets quit school so we never have to deal with your embarrassment and live together far away"
"oh...that sounds lime a great idea!"

So Solid Snake and Caillou went far away and lived happily ever after.

The end.


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